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Are Dwarf Retics Real?
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Here's the Data.

There are some skeptics out there wondering if 'Super Dwarf' Retics are really as super small as we say they are.  It has also been suggested by some that they only stay small because they are starved, or maintenance fed.  Our good friend David Bellis had an idea as to how to offer some evidence. 
He bought 1.2 Captive Bred Super Dwarfs as well as a Mainland female.  The Mainland female happens to be an Amel Tiger.  All 4 of the Retics hatched around 5/14/05.
Dave decided to feed the male SD (Animal A) once every other week, the 1st female SD (Animal B) once a week, the 2nd SD female (Animal C) twice a week, and the Mainland Amel (Animal D) once a week.  All meals were approximately 25% of the animals body weight.
Animals A, B, C and D are always pictured from left to right.
He has shown that although feeding amount and schedule do play a role in an animal's growth, their genetics are the ultimate determining factor in their growth and size.

Animal A
1.0 SD
Animal B
0.1 SD
Animal C
0.1 SD

Animal D
0.1 Mainland



70 Grams
85 Grams
106 Grams

622 Grams



68 Grams
97 Grams
146 Grams

1026 Grams



68 Grams
96 Grams
211 Grams

1387 Grams



66 Grams
124 Grams
348 Grams

1969 Grams



71 Grams
143 Grams
439 Grams

2811 Grams



65 Grams

142 Grams

498 Grams

3425 Grams