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Tales Of Giant Snakes!

My name is Adam and is the pet project of my best friend Bob and I.  I had been keeping Retics, among other herps for the better part of 10 years when I got Bob involved.  I have a B.S. in Animal Behavior, with special emphasis on Retics believe it or not.  Most of my independent studies and research papers focused on Retics.  I interned in the Reptile House at the Baltimore Zoo.  I worked for Ralph Davis at his herp store when he had it.  I was a Vet Tech for 10 years.  

One day I was hanging out with Bob and decided to exercise my adult Indian Python in the yard, and Bob was hooked.  He's as obsessive as I am, so we immediately started hatching a plan for total world/Retic domination.  We bought a few pair of Dwarf Retics from different locales, as well as an Albino male and Het Tiger female.  Not to mention the animals I already had, and we picked up a few adult females (which was seriously an adventure at times).  In no time we had an enormous collection of animals, including like 5 that were over 16 feet.  Our largest 'Church' was a good 20 feet.  

Our first year was great.  We had 3 females gravid.  We produced Dwarf 100% het for Albino, as well as Albino Mainlands.  Not to mention our Ball Python projects.  Things were going well, but in retrospect we bit off more than we could chew.  We had a lot of huge animals, some that were eating goats.  The next few seasons weren't as lucrative, and with both of our real careers taking off, we decided to get out while we were ahead.  

So we have no animals for sale any more, but we leave this site up for several reasons.  First and foremost we're still really proud of the collection we had and the photos we took and the information we collected.  And not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but I still think is the most informative Retic site on the Internet, especially with regard to pictures.  So it's here for your enjoyment.  Thanks for stopping by.  




Python reticulatus
Python reticulatus jampeanus